Video Marketing Professional

Capabilities and Accomplishments


  • Planned, filmed, designed, edited and produced video products for numerous clients to showcase and promote their businesses, including Netherworld Haunted House with over 40,000 annual attendees.
  • Created television commercials to be broadcast on XFINITY/Comcast and submitted extensive raw footage to The Weather Channel, CBS, NBC, CW, and Travel Channel.
  • Edited client’s audio tracks to create weekly podcast and developed accompanying videos to publish on YouTube.
  • Filmed and developed entertainment and promotional video products for special events including Dragon Con, Bash of the Empire, Wizard’s Ball and Diesel Filling Station’s Zombie Pub Crawl.
  • Collaborated with leadership and team members to edit and revise videos, suggest innovative new ideas, solve problems, and achieve company goals.
  • Filmed, designed, and created music and wedding videos.
  • Launched aggressive marketing campaigns using social media outlets and single-handedly built a fan base of 14,000 on Facebook.
  • Promoted and maintained multiple YouTube channels, with select videos reaching over 63,000 views.
  • Designed, managed, and maintained multiple websites such as and




  • Excellent proficiency with high-definition video recording and editing.
  • Superior ability to craft a storyline to engage and delight the audience.
  • Flexibility to either capture spontaneous events or follow predetermined scripts and goals.
  • Works efficiently in a fast-paced production environment and consistently submits projects on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Superior proficiency with adding and/or editing sound and music.
  • Proven success with social media marketing and promotion using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Expert ability with video editing software such as Vegas Movie Studio13 – 17 Platinum, Vegas Pro 18 and video equipment, including: camcorders (Sony, Canon, GoPro), wireless microphones, gimbal, video for low-lighting conditions and infrared night vision.


Relevant Work Experience


  • Owner, Jay Prescott Videography, Atlanta, GA                          2013 – Present
  • Official Videographer, Netherworld Haunted House,               2009 – Present
  • Stone Mountain, GA
  • Owner, J&J Films, Grayson, GA                                                     1999 – 2012
  • Senior Videographer, Chambers of Terror, Norcross, GA ­       1998 – 2005


References –– Ben Armstrong, Billy Messina, Mike Dooley, and Julie Nelson

Download: Jay Prescott Resume